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September 2009

Range Data creates Check It Now for remote temperature monitoring using the web for you to check you own location for alarms.

July 2010
ChkItNow.com begins live testing of Remote Temperature Sensing (RTS) device with demo.
Aug 2010

Range Data creates Check It Now.US for remote temperature monitoring using the web for you to check your seed bin temperature and humidity checks for alarms.




Range Data, Inc creates www.chkitnow.com


With the advent of the webs .NET ability to store data, Range Data Inc has come up with a method to acquire temperature data and store it for users. Each user can place remote temperature sensors RTS devices in their locations to be monitored and display the results graphically, with this information you will be able to setup alarms for notification that can be text via the e-mail or text messaging.

Range Data, Inc. is a company that specializes in data acquisition. We are able to design a solution for your needs.

Check out our current projects.

  1. Chk It Now.com
  2. CheckItNow.us & Hamilton Systems Inc. www.conveyall.net is now providing on-line Grain Bin Temperature & Humidity monitoring.
  3. Coming Soon. central pivot irrigation displaying its position along its path.


Grain Bin Temperature & Humidity online Monitoring.

See it at CheckItNow.us
Hamilton Systems Inc.


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